Faces of Hot Docs Portrait Series

Posted by Joseph on April 25, 2018 in Commercial Gigs, Portrait

Tomorrow begins the 25th Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. I wanted to share a portrait series I took earlier this year as part of their quarter-century anniversary. The photos celebrate some of the thousands of filmmakers, volunteers, projectionists, board members, producers, and staff of the festival over the years in a party themed portrait series called The Faces of Hot Docs. It was a super fun two day shoot with a lot of familiar faces. Hot Docs has been revealing the portraits through their Instagram account over the past month, as you can see above.

Faces of Hot Docs

For their photos on Instagram, they added the coloured sprinkles to accent the outer rim of the photos to mimic their iconic logo this year. I’m including a few other photos without the added sprinkles, though the sprinkles do get featured in a few of the photos in different ways, see above.


This will be my 12th year photographing for the festival, my busiest and most enjoyable ten days of the year. They keep the photographers busy, we run from venue to venue shooting industry events, parties, audience members, volunteers and, of course, intros and Q&As of films. Thankfully, we usually get a chance to sit down and enjoy the occasion film. It’s an inspiring event filled with great discussion and discovery with talented documentary filmmakers from around the world. If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit!

Faces of Hot Docs

If you happen to be at the festival, be sure to say hello. I’ll be one of the six photographers darting around documenting the documentarians.

Faces of Hot Docs


Faces of Hot Docs


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